Proximum: the location network

Proof of Location

Many digital experiences use location, but GPS does not work in web3: you cannot use it to prove where you are.

Proximum puts location proofs onchain without needing GPS, trusted third parties, or special hardware.

The Proximum network uses the speed of light and math to enable:

Proximum is cross-chain, enabling your smart contracts to use location proofs. Explore the simulation to watch the testnet algorithms at work.

The Endgame

Ultimately, Proximum aims to fill spacetime with nodes in order to augment physics with trustworthy computation. This enables:

Read the lightpaper for more.

Why We Are Building Proximum

In short, because we are ruthless optimists.

We love the security of Bitcoin, but want a more secure network. We love the open compute enabled by Ethereum and the the speed of Solana, but want more compute faster. We recognize the value of tokenized USD, but want more stable units of account and a cheaper medium of exchange. We humbly admit that the crypto industry has not achieved a Denationalisation of Money. Yet. We hope to roll back the panopticon of the modern surveillance state. Some day.

Surely that is not too much to ask.

The Plan

  1. Syene (testnet, terrestrial) - work began 2024-01-01
  2. Alexandria (mainnet, terrestrial)
  3. Ptolemy (testnet, + solar locations)
  4. Almagest (mainnet, + solar locations)

Audacious Goals

Welcome to the team.

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